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farfalle with broccoli and broccoli butter prep time: 30 min
cook time: 15 min

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8 oz  of bow tie pasta
1 large head of broccoli    
3 tbs butter
salt and pepper to taste
garlic additional  for sauce

Cut florets from broccoli head leaving 1/2 inch of stem on florets. Reserve them .Peel remaining stems and cut them into cubes. Cook them in water with salt, covered, for about 20 -25 minutes until soft. Transfer them into food processor and blend them with butter, adding a little bit of water to bring to a smooth consistency. Garlic can be then added if you like.
Cook the pasta according the package. Three minutes before it's done, add broccoli florets to the boiling pasta. Drain pasta, heat the sauce gently and pour over drained pasta.


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