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mushroom wild rice chowder prep time: 15 min
cook time: 15 min

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2 Tbs. vegetable oil
8 oz. fresh mushrooms (sliced)
1 Rib celery (sliced)
½ Cup unbleached flour
3 ¾ Cups water
3 Cups cooked wild rice
1 Tsp. salt
½ Tsp. curry powder
½ Tsp. dry mustard
½ Tsp. cinnamon
2 to 3 drops of Tabasco sauce
1 ½ Cups evaporated skim milk, half and half, or soy milk
½ Cup toasted slivered almonds

In soup pot, heat oil and add mushrooms and celery.
Sauté 2-3 minutes.
Sprinkle flour over vegetables and cook over medium-low heat, stirring 1 minute.
Gradually add water, stirring occasionally.
Cook over medium heat until mixture thickens.
Stir in remaining ingredients, except paprika and almonds.
Heat thoroughly.
Garnish with paprika and toasted slivered almonds.

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