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pork with pear and coriander salsa prep time: 30 min
cook time: 15 min

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4 pork chops
1 tsp. lime rind
1/2 tsp. chili flakes
3 to 4 tbs. lime juice
1 red onion finely chopped
3/4 cup coriander leaves finely chopped
3 pears

Cut pears into quarters and remove cores. Diced
Sprinkle with lime juice
Combine pear, onion, coriander, pepper flakes, and lime rind  ( for Salsa for the Pork Chops)
Lightly spray frying pan with oil and cook pork steaks around 5 mins. on each side until cooked thoroughly
Add mixture to the tops of the cooked pork chops

Seasoning for the pork chops  ( only Salt and Pepper should be used as a seasoning for this recipe unless someone is wanting a little extra flavor to the meat by using the ingredients below)
Dried Garlic
Dried onion
Dried orange peel
Dried paprika
Dried parsley
Dried Red Pepper
Lime Juice


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